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Types of Personal Injury Cases

Car Accidents

Automobile accidents happen everyday and while some will only leave you with some cuts and bruises, others can cause significant musculoskeletal damage. Common injuries sustained from car accidents include whiplash, bruising, broken bones, muscle damage, and head trauma.

Workplace Accidents 

Many professions can lead to workplace injuries and most companies will provide health insurance to cover treatments for accidents that may occur. Depending on the field of work, injuries and severity can vary. For example, construction workers are more susceptible to injuries since they are exposed to a dangerous environment for longer periods of time, while an office worker may experience less intense injuries.

Personal Accidents 

Accidents happen everyday. While we do our best to avoid dangerous situations, there will always be moments where injuries occur. Accidents that can occur in everyday life will occur more commonly during physical events such as sports and leisurely activities. However, there are many cases where injuries can occur at a home like a slip in the kitchen or bathroom.

What to Do When You Have Been Physically Injured?

Accidents can cause not only physical discomfort but major inconveniences to your everyday life as well. Injury attorneys will help make sure that you receive monetary compensation and the treatment you need. Injury attorneys and the police will often be involved in accidents that occur with another party; they will negotiate on your behalf to come to a settlement.

What are Treatment Options?

Depending on the accident and personal injury, treatment options will differ. The initial diagnosis of the body will allow doctors to determine the treatment that will allow patients to return to their everyday life as soon as possible in the best condition possible. At Avalon, there are a variety of Board-certified surgeons to account for all different injuries: orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, plastic surgery surgeons, and pain management doctors.

Avalon Personal Injury

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