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We Are Avalon Personal Injury Surgeons on Lien - Avalon Personal Injury Group - Personal Injury Surgeons on Lien in Los Angeles California
Questions? Call Us: (818) 638-3112
We Are Avalon Personal Injury Surgeons on Lien2018-01-12T11:03:15-08:00

The Avalon Personal Injury Group
is your one-stop shop for all of your client’s surgical needs.

We offer you and your clients comprehensive medical services on lien. Our Board-Certified surgeons, billers, and coordinators provide solutions that allow you to focus your attention on the case at hand. When it comes to surgery, each of our patients deserves the best care, which is why Kerlan-Jobe has chosen to partner with Avalon Surgery Center.


Avalon Personal Injury Group uses highly experienced, in-house medical billers who will partner with you on your cases. We bill on a percentage of the settlement amount and never sell our liens to a third-party. Sometimes cases fall through for various reasons, and we look to make it up on future cases with you. We’re with you every step of the way, especially if you go to trial.

Knowing that your liens are in one place and you have a team supporting your case makes litigation easier.



You focus on the case and we focus on patient care. We will schedule your client within 48 hours, coordinate all medical diagnostic testing and appointments, and make sure all medical care is provided for. All you need to do is connect your client with us and we’ll take care of the rest. All testing and referrals are discussed with you ahead of time to ensure a seamless and comprehensive service that is appropriate to each client and their policy amount. No surprises.

expert witness

Highly credible experts strengthen your evidence, and you deserve your hard work to pay off. Our surgeons are who you want on the stand because their experience in expert witness testimony and their knowledge and proficiency in medicine will help bolster your case to help your client win.

We’re Affiliated with



Trust us with your client today and see why we’re the leading personal injury surgical group in Southern California! Our transparency, diligence, and fast action are unparalleled and ensures your client receives the best care so that you can win your case. Our services include specialist consultations, surgical consultations, surgical and non-surgical treatment, and even client transportation. Whatever your client needs, let us know and we’ll provide the care they deserve.

Questions? Call Us: (818) 638-3112